Vote for franceos as block producer!
BP ID : franceosysbp

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Vote for franceos as block producer!

Before voting, be sure to be on website.

If you do not know your account name, you can use your public key to retrieve it:

Voting for the block producers require your account name and the associated private key.

franceos gives you the possibility to create your transaction online or offline to vote.

Your private key is only used locally to create securely the vote request to and send it to the EOS blockchain through franceos API servers. Your private key will never be sent outside this page.

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Franceos block producer name : franceosysbp
We also support : blockmatrix1, saltblockeos, eosvenezuela, libertyblock, eosnationftw, tokenika4eos, teamgreymass, cryptolions1 Support them !
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For an offline and secure vote, please download the following page on your secure device and fill it using this information :

franceos-offline-vote.html sha256 - 0b2b7c58528d2ddff14197eefb1d8477a38aad521e35cd160e4b8247675f8904

Note : the provided EOS private key is only processed for purposes on the local page of your device, it is in no case communicated ulteriorly.

This vote page is based on the project Secure EOS Block Producer and is using the franceos API EOS server.