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Ownership & Financial Disclosure

Ownership & Financial Disclosure

Below is the franceos Ownership & Financial Disclosure, showing legal, costs and ownership structure of our company. This was published on July 17, 2018. Any future changes will be published here, and notifications will be sent to our social channels.

Company : franceos

franceos is a de facto company between the following French companies :

  • ADAPP, société par actions simplifiée unipersonnelle (simplified joint-stock company), registered in Lille, SIRET number: 83362628600011, VAT number: FR 38 833626286.
  • BitConseil, société par actions simplifiée (simplified joint-stock company), registered in Toulouse, SIREN number : 830 021 283, VAT : FR 44 830021283.

Incorporation status: pending.

Jurisdiction: France.

Ownership: BitConseil: 66 % and ADAPP: 34 %

franceos is a self-funded, independant infrastructure (EOS Block Producer Candidate, EOS BPC) fueled by some money, but mainly by passion and goodwill – from various people.

BitConseil and ADAPP share hardware and maintenance costs provided by OVH, a well-known cloud services company discover our tech and what is our point of view on the baremetal servers debate here. Transport and accomodation costs for EOS events are shared too.

Time has no cost : please vote for us to help us reach a BP position, get rewarded as a commited EOS Block Producer to reinvest in the ecosystem, and develop this project with a transparent cashflow forecast/block reward allocation !