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List of EOS Telegram channels


This article contains a comprehensive list of Telegram channels in the EOS community.

You will find there:

  • All EOS news ;
  • From specific thematics to the future of EOS (example: governance)
  • The block producers candidates & the meetups that they organize ;
  • The different networks that were used to debug EOS (the testnets) ;
  • Developers already working with EOS ;
  • Some DApps running on EOS ;
  • Channels to speak about EOS in all languages.

EOS news

Announcements :
Airdrops :
A Bot about Dan Larimer (EOS creator 🙂 :
Price discussions :

The future of EOS

Block producers :
Governance :
Decentralized applications :
Opportunities :
Design :
Marketing :
Hiring :
Technical infrastructure of the block producers :

Bloc production candidates list

EOS New York :
EOS London :
EOS Nairobi :
EOS Hong Kong :
EOS Nation :
ONO China :
EOS Lao Mao :
Meet.One :
Meet.One English :
EOS Union :
Hello EOS :
EOS Singapore :
EOS Tribe :
EOS Shenzhen :
Oraclechain English :
AntPool EOS International :
EOSio.SG : English : Chinese :
EOS Asia :
EOS Singapore :
EOS Detroit :
EOS Dallas :
AcroEOS :
EOS Silicon Valley :

EOS testnets discussions

EOS Community Test Network :
EOS Jungle Test Network :
EOS Scholar Test Network :

Some DApps deployed on EOS

Chintai EOS :
Everipedia :
Scatter :
Space Invaders by EOS Authority :
Augmentators :
Worldopoly :

Speaking about EOS in your native langage

EOS Arabia :
EOS Korea :
EOS China :
EOS Romania :
EOS Russian :
EOS Italia :

Last but not least, the “General” Telegram channel of EOS :

Vous voulez nous aider ? Postez en commentaire tous les canaux Telegram que vous connaissez et qui ne figurent pas dans la liste. L’article sur Steemit ne pourra pas être édité, mais nous éditerons celui posté sur [Link]

Do you want to help ? Post in the comments section below all the Telegram channels you know but don’t appear on this list. The Steemit post cannot be edited, but we’ll maintain this one up to date.

Thanks ! 😉

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