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Vote for EOS block producers with Scatter and franceos portal

Scatter is a tool to sign transactions while keeping your private keys secure and offline. This tools allows you to vote for your favorite block producers through a graphical interface (Chrome or Firefox extension), in a more user-friendly way than using command line interface as cleos. Here is a tutorial explaining step-by-step the procedure.

Download Scatter :

Warning : you must download Scatter extension from a secure source (Chrome Store) and check extension’s identifier once it is installed !

Go to :

Once the extension is installed, copy and paste the following address in Chrome to access the extensions and activate developer mode (top right): chrome://extensions/

Find Scatter in the list of extensions and display its full identifier ;

It must be exactly this one : ammjpmhgckkpcamddpolhchgomcojkle

Importing your keys :

Copy your private key to the clipboard ;

Open Scatter and click “Key Pairs” in the main menu ;

Click on the “New” button ;

Paste your private key into the “Private Key” field ;

Name this private key so you can easily identify it ;

Click on the “Save” button to finalize the import.

Adding an account to Scatter :

Before you can import your EOS account into Scatter, you must add a chain, so that Scatter can search for your account name based on the imported key pair. Click on the “USE CHAIN” button and choose one of the networks.

Importing your EOS account :

Open Scatter and click on “Identities” in the main menu.

A random identifier has been generated ; you can edit it with the brush icon.

Scroll down to the “Account” section and select the network you added previously from the first drop-down list.

Select the key pair you wish to associate with this account from the second drop-down list.

Click on the “Import” button to ask Scatter to search for an account.

If an account is found, a pop-up will allow you to select “EOS account permission“.

The two keys are the same for now, so you can select any one, but it is better to use only your active EOS permission.

Once the account is selected, click on the “Use Selected Account” button.

Save by clicking “Save” button at the top right.

Match your account with franceos’ voting portal :

Your EOS account is now imported into Scatter, and associated to EOS network.

It must now be matched with franceos voting portal.

Go to :

franceos : EOS BPs report and voting portal
franceos : EOS BPs report and voting portal

Unlock Scatter by clicking on the corresponding icon in your browser ;

Click on one of the “LOGIN WITH SCATTER” buttons;

You will then be asked to authorize franceos EOS BPs Report to access one of your Scatter identities and the associated EOS account.

Voting for your favorite block producers :

Once your account is matched, a checkbox will appear to the left of each block producer listed on our EOS BPs Report page.

You can select up to 30 different block producers: the “VOTE WITH SCATTER” button will be updated according to the number of BPs selected.

Once your choice is made, click on this “VOTE WITH SCATTER” button.

Scatter will ask you to confirm the transaction corresponding to your vote: that’s it, you just voted for your favorite block producers !

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