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Below is the franceos Ownership Disclosure, showing legal and ownership structure of our company. This was published on July 17, 2018. Any future changes will be published here, and notifications will be sent to our social channels.

Company: franceos

franceos is a de facto company between the following companies:

  • ADAPP, société par actions simplifiée unipersonnelle (simplified joint-stock company), registered in Lille, SIRET number: 83362628600011, VAT number: FR 38 833626286.
  • BitConseil, société par actions simplifiée (simplified joint-stock company), registered in Toulouse, SIREN number : 830 021 283, VAT : FR 44 830021283.

Incorporation status: pending.

Jurisdiction: France.

Ownership: BitConseil: 66 % and ADAPP: 34 %


Operate, securing, develop and educate : franceos is commited to maintaining a robust and secure infrastructure to ensure the operation of the EOS network, with a high level of availability for critical operations and DApps.


As a registered block producer candidate, franceos agreed to the terms of EOS Interim Constitution. This is the supreme contract between EOS community members. franceos is also commited to the Block Producer Agreement.


franceos will abide by, follow, and enforce all arbitration decisions that are enacted by the Arbitrators that respect EOS Constitution and our core values, without delay. We will never publish opinions or comment on ongoing arbitration.

Technical infrastructure and security

franceos places infrastructure security above all. We chose OVH as a host for our servers, because this leading french company has the strongest anti-DDoS protection and has always advocated for a free and open Internet. We will invest back in our infrastructure and staff for a high level performance and scalability purposes as soon as we are elected.


franceos is self-funded. The company will stay financially independent of any actors involved in EOS block production, and politically independent of any organization.

Honesty, integrity and ethics

franceos will always stay commited to EOS Constitution. franceos will always provide full transparency on his operations, and will always defend token holders’ interests.

franceos will NEVER buy votes, as agreed in the Constitution.

franceos will never collude with other block producers to run more than one block producing node.

Value added to the community

Value provided by franceos is the robustness of our infrastructure, with a technical team monitoring, alerting and on call 24h/24, 7j/7, to deliver infrastructure and fine enough security for EOS.

Value added to the community lies in the extent of media coverage and in the pedagogical qualities of franceos’ members : franceos is the best BP candidate for french speaking EOS members.

As recognized cryptoeconomics actors, our presence on the ground allows us to successfully organize events, meetups, and to promote EOS in our country; this will help us to form a coalition of developers in order to create tools and interfaces with the EOS network, as well as decentralized applications.

Knowledge sharing

Due to our main activities, franceos is committed to share knowledge and informations about EOS in several langages, including french, english and korean. franceos is in the best position to organize events for the french speaking audience, and can be a relay for the english speaking community as a whole.