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EOS block producers : EOSONE’s ranking

EOSONE published a multi-dimensional list of criteria to rank EOS block producers. Let's see how franceos is trying to achieve its best to fit in !

EOS tools by franceos : EOS wallet, voting and delegating

As planned in our roadmap, franceos is commited to develop user friendly tools for EOS community. Our new version of franceos tools is now online ! It now integrates a user-friendly and secure online wallet based on Scatter, and several useful tools.

EOS tutorial : wallets, accounts, tools and resources

EOS is a latest-generation blockchain platform with unique features. In addition to its consensus mechanism - delegated proof of stake (dPoS) - EOS differs from many other infrastructures by its system of user accounts, and by the free nature of transactions. How does EOS accounts system works ? How does EOS staking works ? What...

Vote for EOS block producers with Scatter and franceos portal

Scatter is a tool to sign transactions while keeping your private keys secure and offline. This tools allows you to vote for your favorite block producers through a graphical interface (Chrome or Firefox extension), in a more user-friendly way than using command line interface as cleos. Here is a tutorial explaining step-by-step the procedure.
EOS BP node tech franceos

EOS Block Producers and nodes : tales of a non-producing EOS BP

As an EOS block producer candidate it’s our role to describe our tech, to give you a better understanding on what we do as block producer.

EOS : the great RAM debate

Due to the market-based RAM allocation in EOS, speculation is driving its price up, reducing financial inclusion for many users. Here is a synthesis of the debate and different proposals to improve the system.

Why vote for franceos as an EOS block producer ?

franceos team is composed of 8 members deeply involved in cryptoeconomics and defending to the core principles of free market.

EOS : governance, arbitration and “code is law”

These first weeks following the birth of EOS blockchain were marked by controversy over decisions taken by block producers (freezing accounts associated with phishing activities), role of ECAF (EOS Arbitration Forum), and content of EOS Constitution.

franceos’ sight on the seven frozen accounts

As a Block Producer Candidate, but more generally as lovers of crypto-currencies, we think that scammers are a plague. It may even be the first scourge of crypto-currencies.

EOS Mainnet Status Update

This message is from the Top 21 Block Producers and Standby Nodes of the EOS Mainnet Blockchain. This update has been translated into Korean and Chinese.

Announcing franceos, an EOS block producer candidate

franceos is a group of French crypto-economic players who are candidates for block production on the decentralized EOS network. BitConseil is a consulting and professional training organization specialized in the cryptocurrencies sector and making its expertise available to the community through analysis and opinion publications. ADAPP is an IT company with expertise in distributed ledger technology and providing...

List of EOS Telegram channels

This article contains a comprehensive list of Telegram channels in the EOS community. You will find there: All EOS news ; From specific thematics to the future of EOS (example: governance) The block producers candidates & the meetups that they organize ; The different networks that were used to debug EOS (the testnets) ; Developers...

6. A Focus on EOS funding, governance and performance.

Bitcoin demonstrated that it was possible to operate a decentralized network and have value flowing between its users through a subtle balance of economic incentives among its participants. EOS goes much further by enabling decentralized applications to be deployed on its network. However, there are significant differences between the two protocols

5. EOS : From a Technical Point of View

Who is most legitimate to concisely explain a complex mechanism? Its creator himself, of course! We will therefore be quoting Dan Larimer's article "DPOS Consensus Algorithm - The Missing White Paper", which is certainly the most understandable one available on the web.

4. EOS : How Does It Work ?

EOS is an ultrascalable blockchain platform that will enable the deployment of smart contracts and decentralized applications, just like Ethereum. It is developed by Block One, a firm founded by Daniel Larimer.