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Announcing franceos, an EOS block producer candidate


franceos is a group of French crypto-economic players who are candidates for block production on the decentralized EOS network.

  • BitConseil is a consulting and professional training organization specialized in the cryptocurrencies sector and making its expertise available to the community through analysis and opinion publications.
  • ADAPP is an IT company with expertise in distributed ledger technology and providing secure, reliable and fully managed scalable blockchain infrastructure solutions.
  • Journalducoin is the first media of the French-speaking community dealing with all the news of cryptocurrencies, tokens and other blockchain solutions.

franceos team members are proud to be the first to represent France on the delegate list. All share the same vision of decentralized value exchange systems, through the following core principles.

  • Our right of private ownership ;
  • Our right to contract on the basis of free consent ;
  • Our right of free enterprise.

EOS is the most ambitious project ever developed in the crypto-economic universe and we are convinced that EOS will become the platform of choice to deploy decentralized applications. EOS consensus system (delegated proof of stake) is the most elegant solution to maintain a scalable and solid network while remaining sufficiently decentralized. We therefore propose our application to become a block producer.

Our mission

  • Operating : As a block producer, we are committed to developing a robust and secure infrastructure to ensure the operation of the EOS network, drawing on the experience of our members.
  • Developing : development of tools and interfaces for EOS network users. Creation of decentralized applications and oracles.
  • Growing the community : Through our media activities, we will offer resources to the Francophone community of EOS. We will also organize events dedicated to EOS and its applications.

franceos team

  • Our name on the testnet : nakedmolerat
  • Public key :EOS8Uxtp4T1B5evXXohxx6h1yEH61pLC6bqQKLHdxZKkYPjkNWEUi
  • Telegram :
  • Twitter

Nazim Morera – Chief Executive Officer
Born from Digital Marketing serving major groups in the real estate and banking sector, Nazim Morera is involved in 2013 in the Bitcoin / blockchains ecosystem. Co-founder of BitConseil, expert in digital, marketing and distributed ledger protocols, Nazim Morera assists companies in their blockchain transformation and fundraising projects via blockchain assets.

Adrien Bensaïbi.jpeg

Adrien Bensaïbi – Chief Technical Officer
Founder of ADAPP. Node operator since 2015 for various blockchains. Expert in scalability and web availability issues. He is interested in EOS in production. developer C++ , Rust and Linux. Active member of the Cercle du Coin, organizer of the BitcoinTalksLille meetup.

Morgan Phuc.jpg

Morgan Phuc Calmejane – IT Director
Born from a university degree (mathematics and physics), he co-founded in 2014. Editor-in-chief of this analytical site and associate editor-in-chief of He is also a trainer in distributed ledgers and crypto-economics at BitConseil’s training centre.

Lucas Ermisse.jpg

Lucas Ermisse – Chief Operating Officer
A lawyer by training, and convinced by the emancipatory potential of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies, he launched alongside Romain Didierlaurent in June 2017. He has since taken on the role of editor-in-chief and leads a team of journalists on a daily basis to cover all crypto-active news.

Robin Calmejane.jpg

Robin Calmejane – Lead Developer
Trained since 2005 in web development and webdesign, he discovered Bitcoin in 2014 and found a passion for blockchain systems, smart contracts and other decentralized applications (dapps). Co-founder of BitConseil, he firmly believes in the economic-political innovation of these protocols.

Adrien Jund.jpeg

Adrien Jund – Lead Developer
R&D project manager and C/C++ developer in the field of RFID security. Active contributor in open source and maintainer of the Dokany project, reference like the FUSE for Windows. Crypto-enthusiast, he is involved about the technical and security aspects of the EOS project and its actual applications.

Benoît Huguet.jpeg

Benoit Huguet – Chief Investment officer
After meeting Bitcoin in Argentina in November 2012, he co-founded BitConseil on his return to France. Very involved in the French-speaking associative fabric, he became administrator of the French-speaking association the Cercle du Coin in 2015 and co-responsible for the historical Bitcoin meet-up in Toulouse. Author, he is also an investor and manages Bitconseil’s training department.

Romain Didierlaurent.jpg

Romain Didierlaurent – Chief Marketing Officer
Having discovered Bitcoin in 2015 after a long night of insomnia, he creates in June 2017 after having made an observation: the French-speaking environment is developed but it still lacks a media of reference. Very involved in sharing with the French-speaking crypto community, he presents the JTduCoin every week on YouTube.

Why vote for Franceos ?

Members of the franceos team, mainly from the and Journalducoin teams, are established in a sustainable way in the French crypto-economic ecosystem. In addition to our daily involvement in the sector, through BitConseil since 2014 and the Journal du Coin since 2017, our existing structures allow us to reach French-speaking EOS users in particular. Communication will be regular and we will rely on the experience gained at to be seamlessly responsive to EOS announcements and developments. Beginners will benefit from constant support, an activity that has been close to’s heart since its inception and we will make many resources available to users to understand EOS or develop decentralized applications.

Node infrastructure : technical description

Servers are hosted by OVH and located near Paris, ISO27001 and PCI-DSS accessibility level. They are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To start, our servers have the following specifications :

# Servers :

BP Server :


  • CPU: Intel Xeon 28 Core / 56 threads
  • RAM: 384GB of RAM DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
  • DISK: 4To SSD for IPFS
  • Bandwith: 1 Gbps

Backup Server :

  • CPU: Intel Xeon 28 Core / 56 threads
  • RAM: 256GB of RAM DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
  • DISK: 4To SSD for IPFS
  • Bandwith: 1 Gbps

# Location

  • Roubaix, France OVH
  • Backup in London, England OVH

# Networking :

  • ECMP LoadBalancing

# Availability strategy :

  • Backup Domain
  • Multiple IPs and Failover IPs to plan BP upgrade
  • Failover IP
  • Multi DC backup
  • Hosting on multiple datacenters

franceos scaling plan :

Phase 1 :

  • Determination of the best sizing for BP
  • Migration to other options in case of bottlenecks
  • CPU: 36 core and 72 threads
  • RAM: 512Go+
  • DISK: 8To and NVMe for host
  • Dedicated storage node

Phase 2 :

  • Working on C++ development
  • Benchmarking with dedicated lab
  • Dedicated hardware selection

Phase 3 :

  • Userland networking using Intel’s DPDK, for low latency and high-throughput
  • Upgrade to specialized NICs

Franceos will have several areas of focus :

  • Monitoring, reporting the EOS blockchain. Creating and deploying DApps on the network. Build oracles for the network.
  • Providing resources to the community via social media accounts and the platforms of the founding members of Franceos ( and Organizing meetups with the french EOS community.
  • The companies BitConseil and ADAPP will organize meetings in the cities of Toulouse, Paris and Lille. Volunteers wishing to host meetings, conferences or various events dedicated to EOS are welcome.

The franceos team will propose to developers interested in the project to join us, in order to create tools and interfaces with the EOS network, as well as decentralized applications.

Voting and dividends :

franceos team is committed to respecting EOS constitution. franceos considers any form of plutocracy (“vote buying”) or collusion between block producers as harmful to the network and the community as a whole, and will never engage in this type of activity. franceos defends a vision that promotes the general interest and is based on the following pillars :

  • Transparency
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Integrity and resilience

Similarly, franceos is committed to funding the development of decentralized applications that respect the members’ vision :

  • User-friendly and secure interfaces ;
  • Value-added and censorship-resistant decentralized applications ;
  • Quality financial services ;
  • Projects oriented towards financial inclusion.

Franceos will campaign to be elected as a block producer by bringing added value to the ecosystem as a whole, especially to Francophones. Franceos undertakes to communicate regularly on its budget and on the allocation of dividends resulting from the production of blocks, in a totally transparent manner.

By voting for franceos, you give life to a French-speaking EOS community.

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